Paleo/AIP is sustainable
Many of us have run into some unsubstantiated claims that say things like, “The Paleo/AIP diet isn’t sustainable” or “All you do on the Paleo/AIP diet is eat meat!” People that say these things haven’t actually looked into the Paleo/AIP diet because if they had they would be reporting something […]

Is the Paleo/AIP Diet Unsustainable?

Paleo Perfection has organic fruits and vegetables, plant based paleo
Oftentimes, people look at the Paleo or AIP (Autoimmune protocol) diet where only loads of meat are consumed. Some would say that this is far too much meat and they would be right if that was actually what Paleo and AIP diet demanded but they don’t. What people don’t realize […]

Plant-Based Paleo

Eat a rainbow of variety of fruits and vegetables in the AIP, SCD, Paleo, and Keto diets
At first glance this post could give the idea that while living the Autoimmune Protocol (AIP), Paleo, Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD), or Keto Diet that a popular candy could would be safe to consume.  Sorry, we didn’t mean to give anyone false hope.  We are talking about a much more […]

AIP, SCD, Paleo, & Keto Diet Tip: “Taste the Rainbow”

Green Veggies are great on the AIP, Paleo, Keto, or SCD diets.
We have all been told at some point in our lives that we need to eat or finish our vegetables…it often came from mom! She was right! Eating our vegetables isn’t just good for the paleo and AIP (Autoimmune Protocol) folks but for EVERYONE! Vegetables can help our overall health […]

Paleo/AIP Acceptable Food # 6: GREEN VEGETABLES

Eat High Quality Meats on AIP and Paleo diet
In our last post we gave several options of what you can eat while living the AIP diet which included our protein. Now we understand that this diet isn’t for everyone. We aren’t trying to convert people over to this diet but we are trying to give more options for […]

What can I eat on the Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) Diet ...

Cabbage is a good veggie to eat on the SCD, paleo, aip, and keto diet
So what can I eat?! This is a pretty common question for those who first start the Autoimmune Protocol diet. All those things we grew up eating are essentially thrown out the window and we are starting with a whole new base! No more PB & J, juice boxes, or […]

What can I eat on the Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) Diet ...