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Best way to enjoy Paleo Perfection collagen protein powder
In our last post we talked about ways to enjoy the Paleo Perfection Protein and discussed water and smoothies which are the most obvious options but there are actually a few others that may please some readers. Our masterfully formulated Paleo/AIP grass-fed beef collagen protein with superfood blend is a […]

Top Ways to Enjoy Paleo Perfection Protein Part 2

Best ways to enjoy paleo perfection protein, aip/paleo
Those who abide by the Paleo or Autoimmune Protocol diets by now have probably heard of the Paleo Perfection Protein line. It is the cleanest Paleo/AIP protein powder on the market. It is grass-fed beef collagen protein with an incredible organic superfood blend. It isn’t a run in the mill […]

Top Ways to Enjoy Paleo Perfection Protein Part 1

Love yourself and your AIP or Paleo diet
The love we have for ourselves and dieting are unfortunately linked very closely. Dieting is often viewed as a necessary evil. We want to be healthy, look good, but also enjoy food. How can we effectively love our diet while at the same time love the way we feel and […]

How to Love Yourself and Your Paleo/AIP Diet

Primal Podcast by Primal Health & Nutrition
Click Image Below to Listen     Welcome folks this is Matt for another Primal Podcast. I am your host and I’m excited to be with you again today. This podcast, as always, is brought to buy Primal Health & Nutrition where they are bringing us back to our roots. […]

Primal Podcast #7: AIP Food Options 1-6

The last few week Primal Health & Nutrition has been enjoying the tasty compliments from buyers of the Paleo Perfection Vanilla Banana newly added flavor! This tasty new flavor still touts the organic superfood blend, grass-fed beef collagen protein powder, and other organic ingredients. It wasn’t an easy feat to […]

Paleo Perfection VANILLA Banana Beef Collagen Protein

Primal Doc and Paleo Perfection Interview
Click Below to Listen If you like manufacturing secrets, and you have a passion to learn about bone broth protein for specialized diets like autoimmune disorder and paleo, then Matt Field of Primal HN will delight you. He details how he made it and what goes into expanding flavors and […]

Grass-Fed Collagen Protein for Paleo & Autoimmune

Primal Pod cast discussing gluten cross-reactive foods, AIP, Paleo diet
Click Image Below to Listen       Welcome, welcome this is Matt your Primal podcast host. I’m excited to be with you again today! This podcast is brought you by Primal Health & Nutrition where they are bringing us back to our roots. Today’s podcast and any previous podcasts […]

Podcast # 6 Gluten Cross-Reactive Foods

Find your soul doctor to heal your body inside out
Lately we have been addressing the different benefits of the AIP and Paleo diet in regards to our overall health. We have discussed how we can heal our bodies from the inside out rather than just putting a bandage over a symptom. We have stressed how important it is to […]

Skin Deep vs Inside Out Healthcare

AIP, Paleo, and SCD are holistic approaches to health.
The Paleo and AIP diets (the Specific Carbohydrate Diet as well) promote natural healing…we advocate this in nearly every post we make because we understand the benefit of allowing our bodies to heal holistically! “Modern Medicine” really hasn’t been overly common outside the last 150 years. It seems the way […]

Paleo/AIP Medicine

Paleo/AIP is sustainable
Many of us have run into some unsubstantiated claims that say things like, “The Paleo/AIP diet isn’t sustainable” or “All you do on the Paleo/AIP diet is eat meat!” People that say these things haven’t actually looked into the Paleo/AIP diet because if they had they would be reporting something […]

Is the Paleo/AIP Diet Unsustainable?