Grass-Fed Collagen Protein for Paleo & Autoimmune

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Primal Doc and Paleo Perfection Interview

If you like manufacturing secrets, and you have a passion to learn about bone broth protein for specialized diets like autoimmune disorder and paleo, then Matt Field of Primal HN will delight you. He details how he made it and what goes into expanding flavors and new products.

Did you even realize you could create a drinkable grass-fed collagen paleo powder protein drink that actually started out as bone and soup? You don’t want to miss how heat and air at just the right time can allow this process to happen.

Did he spend millions to build out a factory? When it comes to outsourcing the manufacturing, how did you guarantee things are dairy free, non-GMO, soy free, gluten free and more?

The key to hiring remote employees, what is Matt Field’s Perspective. Prices, Productivity and Project Completion.

This Grass Fed Bone Broth Protein is ideal for people on the Paleo diet and those with Autoimmune Disorders. When your diet is limited because you feel horrible if you cheat, this is a product to consider.

We discuss what else he is eyeing to produce over the next few years. It’ll surprise you.

Adhering meat and bone, enzymes that break it down and then dehydrated and taken through a granulation process so it is powder and drinkable. Why do they use granulation vs silica?

Are there Paleo and Autoimmune Certifications?

How long do you have to stick to a “diet” before you see a big change and it becomes a habit.

Why use Carob instead of chocolate?

When comparing how much protein is in a serving for several products, a big thing to look out for is How Big Is The Scoop? Take a listen to find out why that matters.

How does coding your ingredients allow you to hide sugar in your products?

He loves SEO search engine optimization via blog posts because it is the long game, especially for phrases like bone broth.

Mr. Field’s key to a great marriage is taking a “vacation a month.” It’s not really a vacation per se so take a listen because you can easily implement this in your life.

Is answering every email a sign of success? How do you get laser focused on work when you work from home?

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