Primal Podcast for Paleo and AIP diet (Nuts)
Click Image Below to Listen     Welcome, welcome everyone; I’m your host Matt…We are glad to have you for yet another Primal podcast which is brought to you by Primal health and nutrition. As always today’s podcast can we listen to on YouTube and the transcript can be read […]

Podcast #5 Nuts

Paleo Perfection has organic fruits and vegetables, plant based paleo
Oftentimes, people look at the Paleo or AIP (Autoimmune protocol) diet where only loads of meat are consumed. Some would say that this is far too much meat and they would be right if that was actually what Paleo and AIP diet demanded but they don’t. What people don’t realize […]

Plant-Based Paleo

Making time for leisure and recreational time is key on the Paleo and AIP diet
When we start a new diet, it can be extremely frustrating as we begin to adjust the way we eat. Those of us living the paleo autoimmune protocol or the paleo diet… and any other diet, for that matter, can quickly become discouraged because we are no longer able to […]

Reasons for Recreation

nsaids, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, AIP Diet, paleo diet, scd diet
Click Image Below to Listen     Welcome back everyone, this is Primal podcast and I’m your host Matt. this program is brought to you by Primal Health & Nutrition or they are bringing his back to our roots. As has been previously mentioned, the entire episode today can be […]

Podcast #4 NSAIDs

Paleo/AIP desserts need to be carefully managed
As many of us know, desserts can get out of hand in a hurry when we are doing our best to live the Paleo and Autoimmune Protocol diets. That is partly due to the fact that desserts are always very easy to come by. Having a Cherry Chocolate (by carob) […]

Steps to Enjoy Paleo/AIP Desserts

Proper Paleo and AIP Care goes beyond just eating right
As we have discussed in previous posts following the parameters of the Paleo or AIP diet isn’t just the beginning to care properly for ourselves. In order to enjoy our lives we not only should consume grass-fed beef collagen protein powders but also care for our bodies from sleep to […]

Proper Paleo Care

Primal Podcast Episode #3, nightshades, AIP diet
Click Image Below to Listen     Welcome, folks this is the one and only Primal Podcast. I’m your host Matt and this program is brought to you by Primal Health & Nutrition where they are bringing us Back to Our Roots. The entire episode can be downloaded or viewed […]

Podcast #3 (Nightshades)

Rounding out our lives in paleo and AIP nutrition will help tons!
It isn’t surprising that many of us in our youth weren’t living the Paleo, AIP, SCD, or Keto diet…why is that? A portion of it may have to do with education. We just hadn’t learned about specialty diets and so we didn’t know about paleo protein or grass-fed beef collagen. […]

Rounding Effects of Age

Become educated on the difference between Chicken and Grass-fed beef
In our last blog post we talked about the manipulated Cornish cross chickens and confined animal feeding operations (CAFO). This article will review over antibiotic superbugs, monocropping, and nutrition between grass-fed beef collagen protein and chicken. However, first I have a deeply contemplated question for everyone…yesterday a colleague and I […]

Grass-Fed Beef vs. Chicken (Part 2)

Primal Podcast Episode #1: Fructose & Non-Nutritive Sweeteners, AIP Diet
Click Image Below to Listen Transcript: Welcome to our second Primal podcast I’m your host Matt. This is brought to you by Primal Health & Nutrition where they are bringing us Back to Our Roots. The entire episode can be downloaded or view/listened to on YouTube. There is also a […]

Podcast #2 (Fructose & Non-nutritive Sweeteners)